Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time flies....

And so it is another month and more since my last blog...maybe I should just bite the bullet and just commit to writing it once a month! That way I'll get over my guilt and maybe even get it done!

And so - where were we??? Diet - still going strong. Lost 4kg so far. Which is totally surprising considering the amount of time I've been sitting in my chair. The good - no, great - news is that the reason for sitting in the chair is that I have been writing.

Book one is getting more and more polished. Book two is slowly taking form.

What I find surprising is how much I am connected to my two main characters... Jack and Ellie from Book One... I am so reluctant to leave them alone. They are happy, everything is resolved, but I still have a hankering to make sure they're okay! And they aren't even real people!

Discussing this with my mother (who is so NOT a writer) she suggested I drop a bomb on them and that way I won't worry about them anymore.!!!! Can you believe it??? Drop a bomb on wonderful North Beach? Kill off my lovely friends????

But if I don't do something drastic I won't be able to invest as much into book two...... And Megan and Nathan are hanging in mid sentence waiting to find out who the intruder is...... maybe Mum has a point!